The ALPHA ARMOURING® Certified Vehicle Concept

The goal that ALPHA ARMOURING® has set itself in creating its unique vehicles is not restricted to using high-specifi cation materials of certified quality. Officially certified materials are merely the starting point. A protective security vehicle is the product of a philosophy – the end result of a design and technology concept that links each individual armoured component. Vehicles built by ALPHA ARMOURING® are certified not just for their materials, but as a homogenous security concept, and therefore not only prove to be bullet resistant, but also blast attack resistant. (Ballistic protection standard: Details on request).

For us, it goes without saying that an armoured vehicle, although it has extra weight, can easily be handled on the road. To do this we permanently take road safety tests, or, on request, get the vehicles inspected by the German TÜV.


· Certified materials

· Certification of the vehicle type

· Road safety approval

· German TÜV-approved (German Association for Technical Inspection) of the armoured vehicle (on request)




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